Discover your hidden potential that will allow you to be resilient in life and performance.

Resilience profiling will help you discover the skills you possess that allow you to fight through adversity, then will help you understand your blind spots so that you can improve and achieve even more. With this in-depth profile, you’ll learn exactly how you think, and act, so you can optimize yourself for success, allowing you to truly take charge of your own mindset. Improve your performance, master your habits, and take control of your behaviours in ways you never thought possible.

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Why This Is So Innovative?

This is not another test that teaches you about your psychology; this is a profile that allows you to understand exactly how to develop into the best version of yourself. It doesn’t serve you just to understand where you’re currently at but instead, you must know how to take yourself to the next level.


Resilience profiling provides you with an actual score that allows you to get to work, the tools to raise your results, and the data needed to actually compare your results over time.

Discover your hidden strengths from within to overcome obstacles, achieve success, and impact others.

  • Why can certain people adapt with ease, while others struggle to survive? What is the hidden difference maker to those who are able to handle stress and work through it?

  • Simple! It’s resilience; Molliteum has obsessed for over the last half-decade to find out exactly how the world's most successful, and resilient, individuals think, act, and live life. We’ve broken them down into what we call resilience skills, or the unique mixture of competence, commitment, focus, and toughness.

  • See, resilience is more than just a mental skill, in fact reducing it to just a mental skill is only a third of what it contains. Resilience has physical, mental, and social components that all must be weaponized in order for an individual to accomplish what they want.

  • Everyone has resilience skills, including you, but sadly people don’t take the time to learn, practice, and weaponize them, forcing them to leave results on the table.

  • It’s time to discover your true potential, and that starts with weaponizing the resilience skills you currently have.

Resilience Profile



Receive your Molliteum Resilience Profile within 5 business days of test completion.

This is the first step in developing your resilient lifestyle and must be completed before entering into any Molliteum Program.



  • Exactly how you think, act, and behave and how to weaponize it for success

  • What strengths you must play to in order to achieve consistent success

  • When and where you’ll breakdown so that you can optimize your environment

  • How you grade out with your competence, commitment, focus, and toughness

  • How your resilience compares to others globally

  • If you’re in the top 10%, middle 80%, or bottom 10% and how to improve or maintain each


What you get with Resilience Profiling

A full breakdown of your competence, commitment, focus, and toughness

16 Resilience Marker Glossary helping you understand exactly where you thrive and where you need to improve

A score of your overall resilience

A summary of your results and suggestions on how to improve them

A simple guide on how to take the next steps to better your overall resilience lifestyle

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How It Works

Test -

Receive a private link to take your resilience profile

Assess -

Receive a report to interpret your results

Weaponize -

Learn how to best enhance your resilience

Innovate -

Take action through a Molliteum solution to better your resilience lifestyle

Re-Assess -

Re-test and re-assess to see your progress

Profile Breakdown


The most resilient individuals in the world trust in themselves, and their skills; they have certainty in knowing that they can execute tasks successfully and efficiently. It’s knowing that you can execute instead of just hoping that you can execute.


The most resilient individuals in the world optimize their lifestyle; think, if you’re lacking energy to get through your day, then how can you have the energy to adapt to adversity? Sleep, nutrition, work rate, and general health must all be addressed to be able to dominate. 


The most resilient individuals possess the ability to filter out the noise and lock-in to the task at hand. Regardless of what happens, they stay focused on their own task. Being able to place your focus, and selectively choose when to turn on, or off, your performance mindset is essential.


The most resilient individuals in the world are able to adapt; they have the ability to pivot without hesitation or doubt. They know that no matter what is thrown at them, they can make it work.




DJ Reed

Professional Football Player - Seattle Seahawks

Molliteum is more than just a "resilience Service"; they're a purpose-finding, mission-setting, visionary-styled, results-based lifestyle. They helped me become who I am this year; I've never been so locked-in before. They're more than just another mental skill or lifestyle program; they're an experience. They're transformative. They're my dogs.



When did you start using this profiling system?

  • Since 2016, we have been using this in house test at Molliteum. We’ve been serving high performers since 2015.

Am I able to enhance my Resilience Profile?

  • Yes. By working on your resilience with one of our resilience enhancing programs at Molliteum, you are able to work on your resilience and better your score. As a result of bettering your score, you’ll notice an increase in your performances.

Is this applicable for children?

  • Absolutely. Co-Founders Chris and Matthew Caldaroni started using this profiling system originally with youth athletes as young as 6 years old since 2015 to help youth sports clubs better develop their athletes.

Is this specific to my profession and/or sport?

  • 100%. When you sign up for a profile you’ll be given the option to select your sport, or profession, and will be sent a profiling process that’s specific to your situation.

Can this be used to help predict potential?

  • Definitely. Since 2016, Molliteum has been regularly consulting, and profiling, scouting and/or recruiting teams to help them better understand their prospects from a standpoint of resilience. Just like a strength and conditioning coach helps teams understand if their athletes are ready to perform physically, we help teams understand if their athletes are ready to perform mentally.

Is this entire process electronic?

  • Yes. Everything is done electronically in the profiling process; from receiving your questionnaire to receiving your results.

Is this only for athletes?

  • Absolutely not. Since 2016, Molliteum has worked with over 5, 300 high performers ranging from sports, to Esports, to business professionals of all kinds. This profiling system is for any performer.

How often should I retest my resilience?

  • We suggest testing your resilience once every quarter, or each time you change teams/organizations/performance environments. What most people often neglect is the fact that resilience is not fixed, it’s forever evolving. Just like your physical skills, you must always work on your resilience skills, otherwise you’ll be leaving results on the table.

Do you provide programs to build my resilience and enhance results?

  • Most definitely. Since 2015, Molliteum has been helping high performers build their resilience skills and achieve life changing results on a consistent basis.

Will this help me return to play from injury, or offseason?

  • Yes. Since 2015, we have been helping athletes return from injuries and offseason’s. Since 2016, we’ve been using our Resilience Profiles to help athletes better return to play by understanding their resilience.

Can this help me reload after a season?

  • Absolutely. Since 2015, we have been helping athletes recover mentally after a gruelling season. Since 2016, we’ve been using our Resilience Profiles to help athletes better understand where they can make enhancements to their resilience in their offseason.