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Have you ever thought to yourself, “My team can be so much better, but there’s something holding them back?" We know that psychology is responsible for 80% of a high performer's success, yet we only spend about 10% of the time on it. And unfortunately, we leave potential and results on the table.

How We Do It.

How We Do It.


We first put every team member through one of our world-renowned Resilience Profiles. Learn about the resilience of your team.

The Molliteum Way.


After we profile every team member, we then understand the individualized approach that they need in order to better their resilience.


Once we understand the individualized approach that each team member needs, we put together a customized program for them to take action on.


Once we individualize the approaches, we run the team through a series of workshops specific to their needs and plan of attack. We assess each team member over the course of 3, 6, 9, and 12 month periods. On top of that, Molliteum consults management and the performance staff on how to better understand each individual mentally.


When the program is complete, a retest process is completed and profiling scores are reassessed to determine both results and further opportunities for growth.

Success Stories

Allain Roy

President, RSG Hockey

Molliteum has had a transformative effect on many of our clients. If you need an individual to achieve their potential, this is it...

chris cabott.jpeg
Chris Cabott

Steinberg Sports and Ent., President, Head Agent

Molliteum's resilience training is incredibly valuable because as society has progressed and media has become more controlling, people have become less emotionally balanced.

Ryan Hardy

Sr. Director of ML Ops,

Toronto Maple Leafs

Resilience training plays a crucial role in the development of our athletes; any athlete wanting to raise their game has to add this in.


Over 5,300 high performers served since 2015

Applicable to the sports and business world

Guaranteed results


Why Build Your Resilience?

Team Specific

Understand the resilience of your team and get a specific action plan that meets their requirements.

Build a True Culture from Within

When you understand the resilience of your team, you can build a true culture around it.

Discover True Development

Our methods focus on a "profile and develop" approach, not a "profile and disregard" approach.

Understand Your People

We often hear people speak on the importance of individualization, but few truly take action on it. Understand the specific needs for each individual on

your team.

Who This Is Not For

If you're looking for a quick fix

This is for those who are committed to being the best version of themselves.

If you don't truly want to innovate

If you’re here just to be here, to check off some boxes, then we’re not for you. We’re here for those who are ready to be better than they were yesterday.

If you won't take action

You have to realize that just like the physical game, you need to be ready to work on your mental game. If you don’t want to take action, then this isn’t for you.

If you're not looking to be a part of
a community

If you’re not looking to better yourself so you can better others, then you may want to rethink working with us. At Molliteum we’re a community of high performers who help and support one another to get to the next level.


When did you start the resilience coaching system?

  • Since 2015, we have been using this in-house coaching system at Molliteum. We’ve been serving high performers since 2015.

Is this applicable for children?

  • Absolutely. Co-Founders Chris and Matthew Caldaroni started using this coaching system originally with youth athletes as young as 6 years old since 2015, helping them discover their true potential.

Is this specific to my profession and/or sport?

  • 100%. When you sign up for a resilience coaching program, you’ll receive a tailored program that’s specific to your situation.

Is this entire process electronic?

  • Yes. Since 2015, we have operated all of our Innovation Sessions over video call to make it easier for our athletes to take action on our sessions. There are literally no excuses for not having enough time to build your resilience.

Is this only for athletes?

  • Absolutely not. Since 2015, Molliteum has worked with over 5, 300 high performers ranging from sports, to Esports, to business professionals of all kinds. This coaching system is for any performer.

How often should I train my resilience?

  • It’s naive to think that after one session you’ll be “done”; just like with the physical game, you must train your resilience consistently. Just like you condition and strengthen your body you must condition and strengthen your mind.

Can this help me return to play from an injury, or offseason?

  • Yes. Since 2015, we have been helping athletes return from injuries and offseason’s. In fact, this is the perfect time to build your resilience.

Can this help me reload after a season?

  • Absolutely. Since 2015, we have been helping athletes recover mentally after a grueling season. During the offseason you want to reload and innovate; building your resilience is the perfect way to do so.

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