Client Success Stories

Maxime Comtois - Professional Hockey Player - Anaheim Ducks


Molliteum was a game changer for me because it gave me the tools to know myself better as an individual. It allowed me to become a leader and understand every aspects that comes with it. Most importantly, it helped me to know how to be in my zone mentally to create an edge on my opponents. It’s been 2 years working with them now and I never been so aware of what I can accomplish with my game. These guys are not the typical sports psychologist that I talked to over the years, and that’s what I love about them. I am very happy to be a part of the Molliteum family and to call them my family.


Paxton Lynch - NFL Quarterback - Seattle Seahawks


I think Molliteum is a game changer because it’s so different from what conventional mental coaches or sports psychologists do in the sense that they challenge you to better yourself and strengthen your mind in a way that fits you. It’s not just a bunch of different techniques to think different and just overcome what you’re facing. It’s developing a mindset to dominate your mind and dominate what you’re facing. I no longer just getting by,  I am succeeding, finding ways to dominate and challenging myself to grow day in and day out. These guys are family, and the best at what they do.

Cody Russell - Mixed Martial Arts - AOW Light Weight Champion

Back in 2017 I first came in contact with Molliteum. Since working with them I have transformed into a new athlete and person. Coming off of a loss, my performance mindset or daily mindset, for that matter, needed a lot of work. With the help of Molliteum we were able to make the adjustments needed, and continue each day to make improvements, as the mental game in and out of sport is very underestimated. I did not notice this until working with Mind-Body Fusion and started seeing those changes pay off. Since then, I have secured two dominant victories and captured my first title. I am very thankful and blessed to have Molliteum on my team. For without them, I am not sure where my mindset would be, but I can guarantee it would not be comparable to where it is now.


Chris Cabott - President & Player Agent - Steinberg Sports & Entertainment

Molliteum's resilience training is incredibly valuable because as society has progressed and media has become more controlling, people have become less emotionally balanced. Resilience is a huge part of emotional balance. Having you teach those skills to our athletes makes them better people and more adapted to excel on the field to fight through adversity. I greatly appreciate you and the work you do with our guys; it’s unlike any other out there.


Brandon Naurato - Coach, Player Development - Detroit Red wings

Molliteum has helped transform not only the way that I perform, but the way that I “do life.” They're quick, and effective, methods allowed me to improve my mindset, enhance my performance and change my life. From building resilience in performance, to building an unbreakable routine, they helped me take my game to the next level. They’re my game changer.

John Anastasiadis - Athlete Parent - ANB Futbol Academy


Being a parent of an athlete, with the aid from Molliteum, I have witnessed my child become more confident and mentally stronger in all aspects of the sport, and more importantly in life. Thank you very much!