Client Success Stories

Maxime Comtois

Professional Hockey Player - Anaheim Ducks

Molliteum is a game-changer for me because it gave me the tools to know myself better as an individual. It allowed me to become a leader and understand every aspect that comes with it. Most importantly, it helped me to know how to be in my zone mentally to create an edge on my opponents. It’s been 2 years working with them now and I have never been so aware of what I can accomplish with my game. These guys are not the typical sports psychologist that I talked to over the years, and that’s what I love about them. I am very happy to be a part of the Molliteum family and to call them my family.

DJ Reed

Professional Football Player - Seattle Seahawks

Molliteum is more than just a "resilience Service"; they're a purpose-finding, mission-setting, visionary-styled, results-based lifestyle. They helped me become who I am this year; I've never been so locked-in before. They're more than just another mental skill or lifestyle program; they're an experience. They're transformative. They're my dogs.

Ryan Graves

Professional Hockey Player - New Jersey Devils

Matt and Molliteum have done more for me than I could describe; they've helped me go from being an AHLer 4 years ago, to helping me sign one of the biggest contracts in my career. They're more than just another "Mental Skills" service; they transform you. It's not another set of breathing and visualizing routines, but instead a way to live life; Molliteum is a lifestyle. It's been an amazing ride with them since 2017, and I'm excited to continue our journey to reach new heights together.

Brandon Naurato

NCAA Hockey Coach, Michigan U.

Molliteum has helped transform not only the way that I perform, but the way that I “do life.” They're quick and effective, methods allowed me to improve my mindset, enhance my performance and change my life. From building resilience in performance to building an unbreakable routine, they helped me take my game to the next level. They’re my game changer.

Allain Roy

President and Head Agent - RSG Hockey

The Mollieum team is like no other sports psychology service out there because they are athletes helping athletes. They take a lifestyle and habit-forming approach that is revolutionary and effective. Athletes feel like they are on the same level and relate better than with the old cookie-cutter approach of the past. They are trend setters in their approach and delivery. Their message is very clear yet adaptable to athletes at all levels. Athletes find a level of comfort they can't achieve in a clinical environment. This approach is the future of mental coaching and resiliency as it creates tools for the athletes to adjust and self-help as their performances ebb and flow.

Ryan Hardy

Sr. Director of Minor League Operations

As an organization, we are always looking to find new frontiers in player development and to enhance the player experience. I saw mindset/resiliency development and the mental game as an area that was a blind spot for us and most organizations. Molliteum has been a tremendous addition to our hockey operations department. We look forward to collaborating with Matt and Chris for years to come.

Chris Cabott

President and Player Agent - Steinberg Sports & Entertainment

Molliteum's resilience training is incredibly valuable because as society has progressed and media has become more controlling, people have become less emotionally balanced. Resilience is a huge part of emotional balance. Having you teach those skills to our athletes makes them better people and more adapted to excel on the field to fight through adversity. I greatly appreciate you and the work you do with our guys; it’s unlike any other out there.