Psychologist Speaks Out on the Truths of the Industry - Dr. Roger McFillin

At Molliteum, we believe in working through your own problems. We believe that every human being is capable of helping themselves, because in reality - they are.

Unfortunately, today we see a lot of small issues being turned into large ones. We see short-term hardship be labeled as something chronic. And as a result, more people are suffering and fewer are being helped.

We wanted to shed some light on this, so we sought out Dr. Roger McFillin for his expert advice on the topic. Dr. McFillin is a Clinical Psychologist, Executive Director of the Centre for Integrated Behavioural Health, and co-host of the Radically Genuine Podcast.

We came across Dr. McFillin on one of his Twitter threads, where he was speaking out against PTSD treatment styles. He’s fighting the good fight against the current narrative, and malpractices, in the world of psychology.

In this episode, co-hosts Chris and Matt Caldaroni go deep in discussion on the current state of psychological practices.

We know you’ll enjoy it.

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