Customized Resilience Programs For Athletes and High Performers

Resilience Coaching

Discover your True Potential and Build Your Confidence Through Resilience

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I have so much more to give,” or “I can be so much better,” or “I must be more consistent”? Resilience is that “last 10%” transforming you into the ultimate competitor; it’s the last 10% that’s begging you to tap into. And it’s right there, you just need to learn how to unleash it.

The Molliteum System


Understand EXACTLY which areas of your resilience you can tap into. Through our Resilience Profiling, you’ll understand precisely how you grade out with your competence, commitment, focus, and toughness - or the 4 Quadrants of Resilience.


All of our programs are individualized; once we understand your profile, we can create a customized approach that’s specific to your resilience needs. 


Just like with your body, your mind needs a program; once we create your individualized approach we’ll build out a phase by phase program for you that includes: checkpoints, assessments, and performance indicators that allow you to not only better your resilience, but measure and quantify it as well.


It’s time to get to work; you’ll have 3 Innovation Sessions with a Molliteum Coach each month where you’ll have 24-hour access to them. This allows you to not only train your resilience in your Innovation Session but more importantly to innovate on the go. Through our unique athlete management software, it’ll be super simple for you to track and progress with the daily resilience training you need to take action on.


When you’ve completed your program you’ll be assessed again so that you can see the improvements in your resilience. Development is a never-ending process, so we focus on effective ways to continuously enhance your resilience through our profiling and programming.

Success Stories

Maxime Comtois

Anaheim Ducks, NHL

Molliteum elevated my game by helping me understand a part of performance that is often misunderstood!

DJ Reed

Seattle Seahawks, NFL

Molliteum has helped me reach a state of peak performance in LIFE, then sport. They really work; they’re applicable. Molliteum for life.

Ryan Graves

Colorado Avalanche, NHL

I was connected with Molliteum to help me take my game to the next level. Working with them has not only taken me to the next level but  continues to pushes me to new levels I didn’t know were possible.


Over 5,300 high performers served since 2015

Applicable to the sports and business world

Guaranteed results

Who This Is Not For

If you don't truly want to innovate

If you’re here just to be here, to check off some boxes, then we’re not for you. We’re here for those who are ready to be better than they were yesterday.

If you're looking for a quick fix

This is for those who are committed to being the best version of themselves.

If you won't take action

You have to realize that just like the physical game, you need to be ready to work on your mental game. If you don’t want to take action, then this isn’t for you.

If you're not looking to be a part of a family

If you’re not looking to better yourself so you can better others, then you may want to rethink working with us. At Molliteum we’re a family of high performers who help and support one another to get to the next level.

Why Build Your Resilience?

The mental game is responsible for 80% of your success

The highest performers in the world possess the trait of resilience

The research and references show it: psychology has been proven to be responsible for 80% of your success. 20% comes down to your physical skills. If you’ve only been training your physical skills up to this point, then you’re literally leaving results on the table.

It’s an unseen advantage

How many high performers do you know that are training their mental game? Very few. They might dabble with it, but they don’t master it. Don’t be a dabbler - master your resilience.

The best in the world, the highest performers at ANY age, are resilient. They can adapt through some of the most adverse situations ever. Adversity is unavoidable and has no warning signs, and you need to be ready for it.

It’s easy to use

Every single one of our resilience skills were developed for you: they’re easy to apply. No more guessing, no more “apps without prescription”; we’re here to get the result.

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Get Access to the #DifferenceMaker Community

Quarterly Molliteum wide group calls with all the high performers in the family

Access to the Molliteum #DifferenceMaker Community

24 hour support

Your own individualized coach

When did you start the resilience coaching system?

  • Since 2015, we have been using this in house coaching system at Molliteum. We’ve been serving high performers since 2015.

Is this applicable for children?

  • Absolutely. Co-Founders Chris and Matthew Caldaroni started using this coaching system originally with youth athletes as young as 6 years old since 2015, helping them discover their true potential.

Is this specific to my profession and/or sport?

  • 100%. When you sign up for a resilience coaching program, you’ll receive a tailored program that’s specific to your situation.

Is this entire process electronic?

  • Yes. Since 2015, we have operated all of our Innovation Sessions over video call to make it easier for our athletes to take action on our sessions. There are literally no excuses for not having enough time to build your resilience.

Is this only for athletes?

  • Absolutely not. Since 2015, Molliteum has worked with over 5, 300 high performers ranging from sports, to Esports, to business professionals of all kinds. This coaching system is for any performer.

How often should I train my resilience?

  • It’s naive to think that after one session you’ll be “done”; just like with the physical game, you must train your resilience consistently. Just like you condition and strengthen your body you must condition and strengthen your mind.

Can this help me return to play from an injury, or offseason?

  • Yes. Since 2015, we have been helping athletes return from injuries and offseason’s. In fact, this is the perfect time to build your resilience.

Can this help me reload after a season?

  • Absolutely. Since 2015, we have been helping athletes recover mentally after a gruelling season. During the offseason you want to reload and innovate; building your resilience is the perfect way to do so.