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Preparing Your Athletes To Return To Play

Youth Baseball Coach

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Work Desk

Mastermind Date

  • ​March 20, 2021 at 11:00 am

  • 40 minute Zoom call

  • Open Q & A Portion at the end

What You Will Receive In This Training

To help you better understand how to reduce the negative mindset within your team and how to communicate with your athletes more effectively, sign up for our free education masterclass on how you can build stronger rapport with your team.

This will be a live education seminar that will last 20 minutes with an open Q and A portion at the end.

All attendees will receive a workbook and take home packages.

What this does to the mindset of your athlete.

  • Creates resistance toward the coaches message

  • Reduces team success rates in terms of win-loss percentages

  • Decreases sportsmanship amongst the team

The 5 Negative Traits You Must Avoid If You Are A Coach

  • Unwarranted aggressive communication styles

  • Constant ultimatums

  • Comparison coaching

  • Public shaming

  • Intentional internal warfare

Does This Mean You Have To Be "SOFT" In Your Coaching Methods?

Absolutely not. It means that you must learn how to better communicate with your athlete, and NOT just verbally. We know that the verbal aspect makes up ONLY 7% of total communication. This means that you are leaving 93% of untapped communication potential on the table.

  • ​March 20, 2021 at 11:00 am