How To Set Yourself Up For Success In 2022

Resolutions, targets, and goal setting are the common buzz words at the start of every new year, quarter, and month!

With so many strategies out there it can become a bit confusing: are resolutions important and do they even work? Is there even a point to set them? Research shows that by the 6-month mark only about 46% of resolvers maintain their resolutions. Research also shows that successful resolvers had more cognitive-behavioural processes, such as behaviour reinforcement and conditioning, memory, attention, and reasoning, but fewer awareness-generating processes, such as self-reflection and feedback processing, and emotion-enhancing processes like appraisal, feelings, and reactivity, than non-successful resolvers.

Although some can get great results from resolutions, it isn’t the best long-term solution. Co-founders Matt Caldaroni and Chris Caldaroni broke down better alternatives in this episode of the