How to Overcome Pre-Performance Nerves

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to you as a high performer is getting to the day of a performance feeling nervous! Listen, it happens, but if you’re truly going to get rid of your pre-performance nerves, then we must talk straight.

Here’s the truth: from all the high performers I’ve worked with, about 95% of the “pre-performance nerves” cases that I’ve helped resolve has never been about nerves and has actually been about a lack of proper preparation and walking into performance with an unsure mindset.

As a result, you start to feel nervous, question yourself, and wonder if you’re “truly ready for performance.” Think about it, you’ve been in this situation before - you almost have a feeling of guilt on the day of performances knowing that you didn’t do everything you possibly could to prepare yourself, and it causes you to get into a mindset where you’re simply lacking focus, uncertain, and lack direction.

So if we’re going to do this right, then we must truly learn how to get rid of pre-performance nerves and not just “cope,” with them, because coping simply means we’re going to accept that this is okay and not do anything about it. That’s not how we operate.