Resilience is a Lifestyle

Contrary to the popular belief, resilience is not just a “mental skill,” it’s much more than that.


Think of some of the world's highest performers: in sport, business, and life these individuals are resilient.They’re resilient in their daily work, they’re resilient in their relationships, they’re resilient in their performances; resilience is a lifestyle, not a mental skill.


At Molliteum, based on our research and anecdotal studies, we’ve found there to be four areas of resilience, or what we call the Resilience Way of Life. The goal is simple: make sure that these areas of life are in check in order to better your resilience.


You can’t have one without the other; resilience is a holistic approach.



The Resilience Ring


Who We Are

Dominate. Serve. Impact. Passion. Resolve.

We’re a team of passionate and motivated people who are determined to make the world a more resilient place, one person at a time.

Founded in 2015, we have been helping people discover their true potential. Performance is secondary to human development. We’re here to serve the globe, helping every individual discover what they truly can accomplish.

Success Identity

You can’t be resilient if you don’t know who you want to become; you can’t be resilient without a Success Identity. A Success Identity is a combination of your vision, mission, and purpose in life. Without these, without a true identity away from performance, one won’t have the right motivation or drive to accomplish what they want. At Molliteum we start by helping you understand your true Success Identity before we focus on performances.



The most resilient individuals in the world trust in themselves, and their skills; they have certainty in knowing that they can execute tasks successfully and efficiently. It’s knowing that you can execute instead of just hoping that you can execute.



The most resilient individuals in the world optimize their lifestyle; think, if you’re lacking energy to get through your day, then how can you have the energy to adapt to adversity? Sleep, nutrition, work rate, and general health must all be addressed to be able to dominate. 



The most resilient individuals possess the ability to filter out the noise and lock-in to the task at hand. Regardless of what happens, they stay focused on their own task. Being able to place your focus, and selectively choose when to turn on, or off, your performance mindset is essential.



The most resilient individuals in the world are able to adapt; they have the ability to pivot without hesitation or doubt. They know that no matter what is thrown at them, they can make it work.


Matthew Caldaroni

Co-founder, CEO

Matthew Caldaroni founded Molliteum in 2015 (formerly known as Mind-Body Fusion), and is the company CEO. He is a Kinesiology graduate from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, a certified Mental Strength Coach, and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist for athletes under the NSCA. Through his experiences of working with various professional athletes and elite business professionals, and being an ex-professional soccer player himself, Matthew understands both the highs and lows that are associated with being a competitor. He is one of the first in his craft to tap into the lifestyle of a resilient competitor, versus the psychology, and has lead an innovative science based approach that allows for a holistic approach to building an individuals resilience.

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Chris Caldaroni

Co-founder, COO

Being a captain for the majority of his athletic career in a wide variety of sports, Chris naturally gravitated towards an Organizational Leadership Program at Wilfrid Laurier University. Throughout his time in university, Chris helped his team win tournaments as a captain, coach, and player, further learning aspects of leadership outside of the classroom and applying his own form. Through strong leadership, Chris has become a natural at turning groups of individuals, into teams. Chris enjoys teaching individuals the importance of a team aspect in competition. With a strong belief that team comes first and that teammates should hold a responsibility to each other, Chris helps individuals come together and achieve the team goals that they have set for themselves. 

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